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More stuff you shouldn’t have saved on public computers.


But if God is omnipotent, why does he care? As we see in Exodus 20:5, God declares that he is a “jealous God”. Could this be true? Is this why the Jews received a grand total of 613 commandments—to keep them in check?


Also, each program will have only one hour dedicated to an activity, and the other hour is dedicated to PHOTO-VOICE!


The two instances of encounter between Odysseus and Achilleus in The Odyssey and The Iliad portray each character differently with the importance of who the main character of each poem is – Odysseus in The Odyssey and Achilleus in The Iliad – the setting of their encounter, and the status of each character during the encounter all contributing significantly to such an inconsistent portrayal of their characteristics.


In the second class, we talked about how we were doing in the last couple of weeks. Because this immersion seminar takes place in every other week, I am surprised to find out that two weeks have passed already. Some students said they have difficulties, but I said I am doing okay so far with the readings and the lectures which were true in the sense that I didn’t get any writing assignments yet.


He introduces the ceremony, and then there is a group of three lines, then four lines, and then three lines again.


By illustrating external forces such as war, the state of the economy, racism, the general view of welfare recipients and the shift from labor to industry to eventually technology, the authors illuminate the inextricable link between current events and public policy.


When important facts are stated throughout the text, the authors support their words with numbers and statistics. 


Poverty is a primary concern for scholars and policymakers who care about the well-being of children since poverty in general is detrimental to children’s development, depriving them of socioeconomic resources crucial to their growth.


As one might surmise, almost all Native Americans are native-born and hold

U.S. citizenship.





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