1. sad

    Where does Spec find these columnists? Seriously, I don't think it's possible for a piece to be worse than Landan's. Ever. Spec news has been pretty decent this semester, but op-ed has beeen consistently terrible.

  2. amazing  

    Landan's piece is hilarious. (Intentionally, I think.)

  3. killyourlungs

    I think Landan's piece was a funny response to that aweful piece by a super naive freshman about how she hates that you can smoke on columbia's campus. What I have a problem with is Fernanda Diaz's consistent non-articles. Could someone let her know that Jeff Buckley eventually committed suicide?

  4. killyourlungs

    Okay, correction. He may have committed suicide, it was never confirmed. But the guy went swimming in a river with combat boots on...

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