1. anonymous sgb leaker  

    insert leak here

  2. unlinked article  

    I'm confused about this response to the supposed invitation to that ex terrorists event:

    "I don't even feel that his invitation merits a real response," said Omar Siddiqi, CC '09 and president of the Muslim Students Association. "Any intelligent person on campus won't give heed to anything he has to say."

    What exactly is inflammatory about inviting the MSA to support an event where terrorists are recanting their beliefs?

  3. Dissenter  

    I disagree with Mr. Kulawik, and apparently, also with all of Bwog.

    • John  

      Please do tell us what the grounds for your disagreement with Kulawik's column are. That is to say, what holes do you see in his argument? I can't make any out; it just looks like the administration is suppressing —dissent— and picking favorites while they're at it.

  4. well  

    According to the last long K-Dawg comments thread, Chris Kulwaik is the Flava Flav of Columbia.

  5. either way  

    though mr. siddiqqi should write in an op ed or as for a correction because as it stands the spec article makes it seem like he opposes the exterrorist for no reason, which really isn't fair and only reinforces the stereotypes of some of those who probably want to believe such things

  6. Jack  

    I, too, was troubled by the quote. And based on the comments posted here, looks I'm the seventh person who has reading Spectator content. I'm so glad there are so few of us, though, that was can all make broad, sweeping, wholly unsupported generalizations about Spec's readership. No?

  7. Islam  

    DOES teach the killing of Jews. And all other non-Muslims for that matter.

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