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Can’t get enough of them Republicans: Chris “one day I’ll be on them all” Kulawik and protester Monique Dols appeared tonight on Fox’s Heartland with John Kasich. The show will air again at 1:00 AM.

paperboyA few more news items: None of the protesters Bwog has found has yet been contacted by Public Safety regarding punishment, and we haven’t found an administrator that can tell us either. This could mean one of three things:

a. They are craftily plotting to entrap the protesters on their way to class on Monday.

b.  Since there’s no formal discipline procedure for this kind of thing, they can’t figure out what to do.

c. They’ve decided that, if they ignore the situation, it will all just go away.

The People on the Stage (yeah, you know who they are) will hold a press conference on Monday at 11:00 AM at the Gates with members of the National Lawyers Guild, a group dedicated to progressive advocacy. On Wednesday, at a time and place yet to be determined, a broader spectrum of student groups will hold a town hall about the Minutemen and their choice to protest.

More video and national news coverage after the jump.


We love CTV, but there’s more stuff out there:

YouTube from close up

YouTube from further back

YouTube from outside

Actual professional footage!

In the wake of Mayor Bloomberg’s condemnation of the protesters and instruction that PrezBo “get his hands around” the situation, news outlets started caring a little bit more.

The New York Times: of course they’d get the interview.

The LA Times: they know this guy!

The Chronicle of Higher Education: press release reporting

Translation of Fox News  

Lots of largely useless but entertaining blogs.

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  1. Laura  

    Actually, I'm not sure the Times did get an interview. The quote they have there is the exact same line that was in the statement Bollinger made. So either:
    a) the NYT is LYING and they really didn't get an interview
    b)Bollinger read from his statement during the interview
    Either way, the Times sucks. Way to get on the story two days late, guys (the Times guys, of course).

  2. CSS  

    Please tell me you didn't just italicize the entire page. Missing tag, perhaps?

  3. CSS  

    Damn I'm awesome...I put in a < / i > tag and that made it go away.

  4. you suck  

    bwog. you take the crazy left translation of crazy right fox news. thanks for showing your true colors. quit being dumbass socialists

    (by the way, kulawik wasn't demonizing the chicano caucus and iso when he mentioned they were part of the protest- they actually were) but i guess facts are just right wing spin to the bwog

  5. uhhhh  

    How is BWOG being "dumbass socialists"?

  6. would someone  

    please rush the stage of the stage rushers' press conference?

  7. David  

    The NYT is at least mostly accurate on the basic facts. I just sent the following to the LA Times' readers' representative and the reporter responsible for their story:

    The version of the article "Minuteman Founder Forced From N.Y. Stage" presently available online states as fact that "The lectern was knocked over and Gilchrist fell back, smashing his reading glasses." This is false.

    I can say so from personal observation, having been present at the event. My memory is confirmed by several videos easily available online - for example here (link to CTV). It is also confirmed by Gilchrist himself, who said on Fox News, "I have to tell you, I was about ready to deliver the very first Minuteman knuckle sandwich to whoever tried to attack me and do bodily harm to me. I was not going to remove myself.” Fortunately, as he suggests, he did not have the opportunity.

    I would appreciate a prompt response and correction. Thanks!


    Let's see whether they actually fix this.

  8. ahh  

    thanks bwog for that outside footage..."it's not about their free speech, it's about our free speech"...did she and all the other stage rushers not get to mill yet in CC? they seem to be stuck on machiavelli.

  9. Laura  

    Yeah it's starting to piss me off how much other media sources are getting shit wrong like that, especially when video is available. I seriously doubt they will print a correction though...

  10. For real  

    Many of the article are so wrong on the fact of the events, and there is video to prove it. I hate that everywhere it says students attacked Gilchirst, which like post #9 said even he said no one did, actually no one really went to him and he walked of the stage right before he and his people were chanting their slogan.

  11. ....  


  12. Univision

    is hardly the bastion of integrity, indepent reporting or unbias, they were one of the leaders who organized the marches in the spring.

    Therefore I would I would suggest watching anything presented there with the same sort of scrutiny that one would watch a fox broadcast and interpret accordingly

  13. Rumor has it....  

    They are all going to be suspended or expelled. Talk about fucked up.

  14. Yeah right

    That seems pretty bogus; there's no way they could have id'd everyone that was there & participating.

  15. univision  

    actually refused to cover the immigrant marches last year for some time

  16. is it just me or is  

    gilchrist shown walkin off the stage as he waves bye to the audience with a smile on his face?(oh, and im not sure but are his glasses still on?)


    Will BWOG post the clip of Kulawik and Dols on HEARTLAND? Thanks...

  18. QUESTION (2)

    Ok, all I wanted to find out was if BWOG would post the clip of Kulawik and Dols on Heartland because I can't find a clip online and bwog has been good about keeping us informed. Thanks.

  19. concerned  

    if these protesters get expelled, while stephen searles and matt brown rest on their laurels, i will riot.

  20. phew  


    Yeah, Im sure when you invite people like this, the idea that they would react violently in any way is completely off-base!

  21. Richard Speck

    Correct me if I am wrong but weren't the protestors yelling racial slurs at black member of the minutmene?

    How is this not as bad as what searles and brown did?

    Is the official columbia position it's ok to express racist speech if you're a left wing goon and the person your using the racist speech toward happens to disagree with your left wing goonery? It's ok to call Marvin Stewart, an invited guest speaker, a nigger to his face because you happen to be a member of the ISO. The administration will just look the other way as they are apparently planning to do.

    Sheer hypocrisy!

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