Five Jews We Have Known

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Former student, University Professor, and provost Fritz Stern, 80, has just published a memoir called Five Germanys I Have Known, covered today in the Times Book Review. It’s a good review, and when we find the time we plan on reading (or at least skimming) the book. But we think everyone should take a look at the photo the Times ran: Stern is the one on the left. The gentleman standing is his classmate, good friend, and co-chairman, in 1944, of Columbia’s “Roosevelt for President,” Allen Ginsberg. They’re sitting in one of those benches on the eastern edge of Riverside Park, and that’s gotta be something like 113th/114th Street behind them. Cool stuff! 




  1. psha  

    This is so obviously photoshopped...;-)

  2. clean-shaven al?  

    Ginsberg is actually kind of sexy without the beard, if I do say so myself.

    Stern will also be at Labyrinth on October 30th to talk about the book, if anyone's interested. I've been reading parts of the book and it's good stuff.

  3. is it  

    necessary to label this group of people together "jews"? is this the first thing that would have sprung to their minds regarding their association? why is it the organizational principle of whoever authored this post?

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