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kegOverheard, unfulfilled goals. 

Boy: On the list of things to do before I die, “keg stand” is a big unfilled checkbox that has been staring me in the face for a while.

Overheard, ungrateful prof on the phone.

Prof: You know that undergraduates don’t mean ANYTHING at this school!

Overheard, unaware Art Hum student in class:

“Do you recommend we read the Recommended Reading on Courseworks?” 

Overheard, the unexpected 

Professor Yosef Yerushalmi, in his 45th year of teaching (he’s in his seventies) said the following during his graduate Comparative Literature & Society Seminar entitled “Job and Other Arguments with the Lord:”

Yerushalmi: So what is gnosticism asking?

Student: Why does life suck?

Yerushalmi: No, why does EVERYTHING suck!

Overheard, un-Nalgenes (?)

Girl: Those nalgenes look really small.

Guy: I think that’s because they’re far away…

And at Ruggles, Saturday Night, the nalgene strikes again.

Girl #1: How do you spell “nalgene”?

Girl #2: n-a-l-g-e-n-e. It says it right here. [gesturing to label

on nalgene]

Girl #1: Oh. I’ve never read a nalgene.

– Hat tips to Ethan Pack, Ashley Nin, Seth Berliner


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