More expressive than hate crackers

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guerrilla artBwog correspondent Justin Gonçalves spotted some guerilla art in front of Butler this evening. It reads, “give me a podium to spread my hate” on the left hand and “i’m a racist, sexist, homophobic supporter of physical/mental/economic violence.  i am made of wood,” on the right.


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  1. .....  

    hate is not up for debate.

  2. Thomas  

    Hatred cannot be spread from the left without being spotted on the right. Nor is it proper to bundle economic, physical and mental violence into the hands of political ideologies. Nobody demands a podium with the express desire to spead hatred. They take the stage to gain power for themselves, believing that their ideas are what calls them to behave like idiots.

    They have gone about it the wrong way. Civil disobedience is laughable. Nobody at Columbia is willing to take steps towards a serious upheaval of any kind because most of us are happy to be where we are. We are not the people who should be protesting these things.

    Whether or not we should be associating with the Minutemen is on the conscience of the Young Republicans we all love so dearly.

  3. how  

    how about the fucking daily show?

    cut out the crap, bwog.

  4. Anonymous  

    I like it.
    A simplified version of what happened on wed.
    "Give a podium to spread my hate" wtf? IT wasn't hate. It was a way to exercise freedom of speech.

  5. Anonymous  

    ...The proverbial straw man has called in more sturdy reinforcements?

  6. Mark Keller  

    Let him talk. And let people protest him. And no one violate the other's right to do it. Is the idea that everyone has a right to express their opinion so hard for everyone to accept? I'm sorry to tell you, but hate speech REALLY IS free speech.

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