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free speechAfter waiting, and waiting, and waiting to respond, President Bollinger…called a meeting! Top administrative brass as well as members of undergraduate student councils, governing boards, and Community Impact were invited to powwow with PrezBo in C555 Lerner this afternoon, where they discussed how we can all get along a little better. The press wasn’t invited, but Bwog was able to cobble together an account of the events by talking to those on the guest list.

The main event was introduced by the ever-charming Dean Austin Quigley, who remarked that all of this could have been avoided if we were a religious, monarchical state where everyone agreed on everything. What else would you expect from a Brit?

Bollinger then launched into a discussion about free speech theory, which does come naturally to one who wrote the book on it. According to one source, he stayed away from the Minuteman event itself, using it as a jumping off point for lingering issues. Students discussed the possibility of having town halls before controversial events–that idea was shot down–and a few leaders pushed the long-discussed Community Principles Initiative, a document that will tell us what we all agree on once they decide what we all agree on.

Reactions varied. ESC President Dan Okin called the meeting a “very very constructive discussion,” even though “nothing directly resulted” from it. CCSC VP of Finance Sarah Hwang wan’t so positive. “Nothing came out of it. If nothing came out of it, then why did we do it?” Hwang asked. “It’s what we’ve all been doing since Wednesday night.”

PrezBo reportedly bolted from the meeting right after it ended at 1:30 PM. Word is that he was cranky in his Free Speech and the Press class today yesterday, and has been talking about the KKK alot more recently. Feel better, Lee.

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  1. uhh  

    Bollinger's class meets Mondays and Wednesdays, so he didn't have a free speech class to be cranky in today. The KKK part, though, is entirely accurate.

  2. beh  

    these fora are fruitless. the world is calling for blood. be decisive, lee.

  3. cute ending  

    but a complete fabrication...

    anyone watch the Daily Show?

    • Doesn't own a TV

      What happened on The Daily Show?

      • Jon  

        Jon Stewart said he was going to stop being funny for a minute and admitted he was outright sickened by those anti-Minutemen, anti-free-speech, pro-fascist protestors and called for the leaders of the world to organize a new conference to establish an anti-fascist pro-goodness World Order. He quoted Chris Kulawik as saying "fascism has come to America in the form of anti-fascism"

  4. actually  

    lee had his usual smirk on his face when he walked into class. to be quite honest, i think lee personally finds the whole situation just funny. obviously he would never say that, but his shit eating grin speaks louder than words.

  5. please  

    bwog, be a dear and post the jon stewart footage when it comes online, mkay?

  6. punishment?

    Any word if Columbia will take actually against Danny Shaw for tackling a minuteman? Any word if the minuteman who kicked Martin Lopez in the face will face punishment?

  7. FS&P

    If by KKK, you mean he's probably on his 5th Brandenburg class. No?

  8. Anonymous  

    would I want to read the spec if bwog is better and gives us a chance to comment? The Spec is OK. But BWOG is better.

    Describe this color in one lowercase word.

  9. to "why"  

    um...bwog tries too hard to incorporate satire into its posts, and ends up creating some obscure imbalance of subjectivity and objectivity. yeah, bwog is up to date more, but the reporting is absolutely shit.

    • how can  

      they not identify anybody? from the video, i bet you a good chunk of columbia students could identify the kids up there. not to mention karina has repeatedly admitted she was up there

  10. word  

    word is that the deans met tonight but haven't been able to identify any students. they are currently seeking help, and they're getting it.

  11. dear bwog,  

    this was an especially snotty post

  12. Enquirer

    Yes, what is the real beef between Prezbo and Bloomie? Does Bloomie have a friend that wants to be President at CU?

    • bloomie  

      bloomberg for CU president when his term comes to an end! maybe he'll actually do something to stop the political gang violence here...and if that doesn't work, there's always giuliani

  13. why?  

    because administrators don't talk to Bwog? that's a decent reason

  14. Anonymous  


    Democracy Now tried to create a debate between Jim Gilchrist and karina this morning. But it didn't work. seems to be that the minutemen don't really like debate and if they'd only debate on a "fair and balanced" show.

    • wow. what spin.  

      she was outright slandering him. She has to realize that not only is she an ineloquent idiot, but that her lies and claims when done in public are slanderous statements she can be sued for. That's the reason why he ended it. There's no point for gilchrist to try to argue down slander as opposed to suing columbia and the protestors now that theyre obviously liable in that area in so many ways.

      By the way, what a joke in terms of your post. Yeah, I'm sure he's afraid to not talk about his issue in places that aren't favorable to him. That's why he went to give a speech at columbia university in the heart of new york and even tried to give his speech while (as karina the idiot says) 150 people were vocally protesting him.

      Make no mistake, he has stones, as does monique, who appeared on fox. The only coward is Karina who uses numbers and her own side to protect her from any voices that aren't similiar to her own. She was the coward who wouldn't go on fox news (even eva is better in that regard). It's easy to yell out racist adn murderer when nobody dares say anything in edgewise. Especially for a bigoted idiot like karina.

  15. haha  

    "but the reporting is absolutely shit."

    and the spec is roses and fresh baked cookies? its shitty but with higher pretentions. lame.

    "That's why he went to give a speech at columbia university in the heart of new york"

    It's not like he gave a public speech on the plaza. It was supposed to be a nice controlled environment where he could safely bait a visibly agitated opposition at the invitation of kulawic.

  16. Anonymous

    Does anyone really know who Jerome Corsi is at Columbia?

    Has anyone actually gone down to the border to understand what is going on?

    That the Minutemen are being assaulted because they carry an American Flag...That the Minutemen spend thousands of dollars taking pictures and reporting disturbance?

    Has no one even looked at their web site?

    Or does everyone just assume the racist garble holds water?

  17. MacZed  

    Has anyone ever lynched a black man?

    Has anyone ever gone into Harlem to understand what is going on?

    That minorities need to be oppressed and hunted lke animals?

    Has no one even burned a cross?

    Or does everyone just assume that the fascist garble does not hold water?

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