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prayerEvery second Tuesday of the month, members of a Christian fellowship on campus sit quietly on the Lerner ramps, reading and smiling when people walk by. They don’t want to convert you, or take your money, or make you sign anything–just put in a good word for you in heaven. On Thursdays, they read the prayer requests at their group meetings.

Where do Columbia students need the most divine help? According to today’s attendant, the requests are often vague, but most frequently about ailing relatives and midterms. Which are really about the same thing, if you think about it.

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  1. atheist  

    here. but that's really sweet.

  2. oh fuck  

    when are midterms? soon?

  3. yay!  

    for caring about people

  4. Dope  

    Thats straight-up dope.

  5. christ  

    are there any non-asian christians left at this school?

  6. ldp  

    Wow. That's one of the more insidiously racist comments I've read on the Bwog recently.

  7. Sprinkles  

    This made me go *awwww* inside, in a good way. I like how this group makes itself available to those who want to become involved, but doesn't get in your face or hassle you when you're trying to get from point A to point B. Their hearts are in the right place and that's the really uplifting thing.

    Whereas a couple days ago a Christian group stopped me on the steps and I took their survey, and when I wrote down that I was Jewish, one of them said, "Aren't some Jews accepting Jesus as the Messiah now?" No. That's kind of the fundamental difference between Christians and Jews, and that kind of leading question reeeeaaalllly turned me off from wanting to help them with their survey.

  8. hahaha  

    good one number 10. furthermore, doesnt anyone think its kind of wrong and selfish to pray for good grades? especially when theres more important things to worry about ... like the minutemen... ;)

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