1. The Eye Disappoints  

    The O'Reilly bit could have been a lot wittier. It could have included explicit phone conversations, Caribbean shower fantasies, and even lewd references to dildos. You know, the stuff of pure fiction.

  2. Getting Better  

    I thought the Republican Love story was excellent, probably the best thing in the Rolling Eye so far - just short and sharp enough to be effective. The page has had a shaky start, no doubt, but seems to be slowly improving. Dan Haley's stuff is always half-decent (and I'm assuming he wrote the Love Story) but I'm not sure about the rest of it. The page has the potential to get better I guess.

  3. Sprinkles  

    In all seriousness, the Eye needs to be careful. Kulawik could probably demand a retraction if he wanted.

  4. Dutch people  

    have the coolest names. Jop van Bennekom and Gert Jonkers.

  5. The Eye's spelling

    . . .is atrocious

  6. numanu  

    love the gay hipsters.

  7. rjt  

    Making fun of Bill O'Reilly and Kulawik would've been completely hilarious and original anyway, but calling them both gay means we reach a new caustic level of social satire! ROFL!

  8. The eye  

    The eye needs more postmodern wit. It also needs some Pitchfork-style music reviews. Yes.

  9. Eye-poke

    Was there a byline on the Kulawik-O'Reilly piece? If not, whether you like Chris or not that was pretty shitty. It's cowardly to anonymously rag on a fellow student. For shame Eye, for shame.

  10. mel

    can you fuckers please comment about this magazine? do you have opinions?

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