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Now that the events of 10-4 have practically given them their storyline (hell, they don’t even have to build a set), all this year’s V-Show creative team has to do is put together the minutiae. Those now charged with this Herculean task were notified a few weeks ago, but Bwog has just obtained the formerly secret list for your perusal:


Mark Junek CC’07


Olivia Gorvy CC’08

Geo Karapetyan CC’07


Peter Mende-Siedlecki CC’07

Tom Keenan CC’07

Rob Trump CC’09


Henry Pedersen CC’08


Erin Debold BC’07

Art Director:

Brigid Abraham BC’07

Bwog now eagerly awaits casting, wondering whether Monique Dols will agree to play herself, and whether she’ll sing a battling duet (Internationale vs. Star-Spangled Banner?) with the intrepid soul picked to play Jim Gilchrist…



  1. who

    will play chris kulawik?

  2. Hey  

    In last year's show, anyone remember the guy in the trenchcoat who randomly followed that unlucky-in-love gal around?

    I think we've got a perfect role for Lee Kaplan!

  3. Please  

    Please, please no Varsity Show about 10-4.

    It's been 12 days and I'm already SO fucking sick of this topic. Given that in less than two weeks it's already way past the point of saturation, do we really want to sit through a musical on this when it's six months stale?

  4. whoah  

    did we already forget:

    hockey gate

    ahmedinijad gate


    im probably missing one-gate

  5. why don't  

    they just do a snakes on a plane themed varsity show.

  6. ...  

    references to "10-4" are kind of crass, don't you think?

  7. Anonymous  

    Hey Rob, I think the topic of conversation at lunch today just gave you a V-show plot. Yeah.

  8. hmm

    Do SEAS and GS not participate in this?

    • Dunno about SEAS...  

      ...but a GSer was one of the writers last year.
      But let's be realistic. I can count on one hand the number of creative writing/acting/producing-inclined SEAS students I've met and still have three fingers left over. Not saying the 'neers aren't creative, but the SEASers who are artsy are definitely the minority in the school.
      And non-JTS GSers in general tend not to go out for extracurrics as much as their CC/BC/SEAS counterparts (and I say this as a GSer who does do Columbia extracurriculars - trust me, I'm usually the lone one in any given group). Usually due to commuting issues, age differences, and frankly not always feeling embraced by the "regular" CU undergrads. I mean, look at what we're talking about here - V-Show? Frankly, I'm surprised to even see any Barnard girls on there because every year they get it almost as bad as we do in the show.
      But I have a feeling a few from GS and SEAS will turn up in the cast.

  9. SEASdumb  

    hey dummy, if you're so artsy stop doing your homework!

  10. ummm  

    How is this secret up till now? The creative team has been visible on the 113th Annual Varsity Show facebook group since Sept. 27th. True, it wasn't broadcast to the world, but it was certainly there if you were looking for it.

  11. a little late  

    i know this is eons after this article post, but y'all should be aware that there actually were SEAS kids involved last year as well as GSers... one was in the chorus (though he dropped) and there were at least a couple on the design and tech end of the show... and they put in quite a bit of time, if not quite as much as the performers

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