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Boy: Are there any more nuts in your mixed nuts?

Girl Studying: What?

Boy: [eying nuts longingly] Are there any more nuts in your mixed nuts?

Girl Studying:  Just peanuts.

Boy: You ate all the other nuts?

Girl Studying: Yes.

Boy: So you don’t like peanuts then.

12 minutes later…

Boy: So can I have some of your peanuts then?

Girl Studying: Yes.

Pause, opens jar.

Boy: Damn, you really picked these over didn’t you? [sadly]


Boy: I really want more peanuts.

Girl Studying: You can have the rest.

Boy: I don’t want the rest. I only want a few.

-Thanks to Grace Duffy, in the trenches at Butler 


  1. brazil nuts  

    are so clearly superior to peanuts. And from brazil!

  2. filberts  

    are far more superior than nuts of any other kind. Better known as hazelnuts to the petty folk. Only the petty eat peanuts.

  3. that...  

    wasn't even funny

    • agreed

      i agree. what is the criterion for getting something posted on bwog? this conversation was the biggest waste of pointing and clicking i've ever suffered through. except possibly wasting the time to write about it. back to bed

  4. I think  

    what "Boy" meant to say was, "I want to nut on your face." If only he'd had the huevos to err...come out and say it.

  5. Certainly  

    It sure is amusing when you've been awake for far too long.

  6. Hm...  

    Second Overheard Bwog concerning peanuts in a week...should we be on the lookout for secret encoded messages in our jars of peanut butter?

  7. This is very

    "Waiting for Godot"

  8. ha!

    i'm really amused.

    i'm also amused that you used the correct form of "criterion" in griping about bwog's standard.

  9. kudos  

    to bwog for incorporating the action 'eyes nuts longingly' into a post

  10. hmmm  

    i'm a nut, so what, i'm craaazzzyy

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