PrezBo Wore Bowties in High School!

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An anonymous work-study detective encountered this scan from President Bollinger’s high school yearbook:


So Dashing! The hair, that smile! That chic bow tie! Meanwhile, C stands for Carroll? And he’s Prezbo Jr!

Anyone care to speculate on the “Flaming Arrow Episode?”

Read full text of the yearbook entry after the jump…

“The American Field Service Foreign Exchange Student to Brazil last summer, was born in Santa Rosa, Calif. He has been honored in many ways, for as a freshman, he was awarded the “American Legion Outstanding Student Award.” Lee won the “Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarship” and third place in the “American Legion Essay Contest” also. He belonged to Letterman’s and Speech clubs and was Student Representative of the American Field Service. He also was elected sophomore class president. Lee has participated in Basketball 2, 3, football 2, and track 1, 2, 3. His outstanding school memories are the campaign activities, the “Flaming Arrow Episode” and of course, the play “Everybody Loves Opal.” Lee plans to go on to college at the University of Oregon and study law. 



  1. What we really need  

    is for Columbia to turn into an 80's high school and/or summer camp movie. Now that we've had the Principal's ("totally lame, dude!") yearbook picture show up, how about a color war with the camp/college across the lake?

    I get dibs on the lovable quirky Duckie-like character!

  2. man  

    finding old pictures of teachers. that never get's old. to be honest though, young bollinger is not the dashing charmer i expected. he kind of looks like a complete nerd. well i guess there's hope after all for the columbia student. you too could one day be a dashing first amendment scholar.

  3. Yeah,  

    I'd tap that. Now, then, sometime in between. Flaming arrows? Everybody Loves Opal? Sophomore class president to university president? Be still my beating heart...

  4. Ponders

    He looks too much like George McFly for comfort

  5. if we combine 1 & 6  

    well back to the future was an 80's high school movie...

  6. alpha beta

    what are you doofuses scoffing at? like columbia guys are dashing or even close to semi-attractive. what a sad aesthetic state an institution is in when chris kulawik has been described as "decent" looking.

  7. OMG  

    this has to be the BEST BWOG POST EVER.


  8. can someone say  

    Varsity Show material?

    Orgo Night material?

  9. Sprinkles  

    His hair is better now.

  10. catpure the flag  

    is the best idea ever. can someone make this happen?

    • there used to be  

      capture the flag events on campus. it's pretty easy to do. here is what you need. make some posters for the event. friday works best as most people have friday as a more chill night. also, get a role of caution tape. one team wears caution headbands the other caution belts.

  11. Anonymous  

    There is actually a capture the flag club. We've only played once this school year, but we did it all the time last year. Check out the facebook group (ctf) and email the creator. He'll put you on an email list. We usually play on Friday nights, starting around 10 or 11. It's a blast.

  12. The hair...

    makes the prezbo. This may be Lee junior, but, without the hair, he's just not the same.

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