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A few things that Bwog noticed on the Columbia Homepage this morning:

Rich man (Bill Gates) gives another rich man’s (Warren Buffett)

money to a third rich man (Jeff Sachs) to, eventually, help poor

– Administration puff paper takes note of Bwog idea, interviews faculty bloggers

Also, two of our favorite banners from the homepage, each picturing a campus personality featured in our October Issue, which will hit dorms and libraries imminently! See if you can spot who we’re talking about.



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  1. Big Kisser  

    That dude in the first picture is Coogan, no?

  2. Elna

    Coogan whatever V. PROFESSOR ANDREW DELBANCO! In the first banner.

  3. Laura B

    nope, Coogan is way cooler, so I would have to bet on him for the Bwog feature

  4. JMP  

    COOG-FACE....what WHAT! wooord.

  5. Anonymous  

    1st picture...guy in white T-shirt is hott!

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