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It’s the story that keeps on telling. Bwog presents a few bits of Minuteman news that have come out in the last few hours:

stewartItem # 1:
Stephen Colbert is one-upping Jon Stewart tonight by bringing none other than Jim Gilchrist himself onto the show (airing at 11:30 and 1:30) as a special guest. Word? Word.

Item # 2:
A spokesman for the Minuteman Project said that they are planning to sue  Columbia under the 1964 Civil Rights Act for the treatment of Jim Gilchrist and Marvin Stewart, claiming that claims Stewart was called the N-word by a member of the audience. They also complain that the University failed to provide adequate security, and–to add insult to purported injury–Stewart had a folder with personal information and plane tickets stolen. Also named in the prospective suit: banner-bearer Karina Garcia, who called Gilchrist a murderer on national TV. “The Chicano Caucus is radical and no different from the KKK,” said spokesman Tim Bueler. “All they’re trying to do is incite hatred and incite racism against a man they’ve never met.”

The University’s spokesman, Robert Hornsby, denied any knowledge of legal action. But they said it on Fox, so it must be true!

Item # 3:
The Minuteman Protesters Defense Committee has called a meeting tomorrow at 6:00 PM in the Intercultural Resource Center to organize defense for…itself.  

Item # 4: You might not like how the CU GOP operates, but at least they’re not dressing up as illegal immigrants and chasing each other across campus.


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  1. Amazing  

    It's amazing how much this entire endeavor has been a case study in how the ISO/ANSWER's method of protest is the most counterproductive measure IMAGINABLE. How much free publicity and sympathy from people who would otherwise blanch at the minutemen have these guys now received? They couldn't have hoped for a better legend to propagate the image of them as martyrs.


    The chickens are coming home to roost.

  3. Give it up  

    Bwog/Lydia, find something new... oh, that's right, is it because nobody else comments on Art History posts?

    • Anonymous  

      Are you implying that bwog is covering this issue because lots of people comment on it and not on posts about art?
      Just because something is old news doesn't mean that it's worthless. Most of the information presented in this post is substantial - it doesn't seem to me that Bwog is just pulling a bunch of stuff out of its collective ass and posting on it. I'm personally glad someone is paying attention to the ripples we're leaving.

    • dude  

      i like art history posts...

    • hey  

      don't pick on lydia. she is dreamy.

      plus, the whole minutman thing is great. this is an april story, and its only october.

  4. OMG!  

    enough of the effing minutemen!!!

  5. ooohh  

    "don't pick on lydia. she is dreamy."

    oohh, somebody

  6. DHI  

    Take that, you Met-ass Mets!

  7. Anonymous  

    i hate art history posts. thankfully there are few. i also hate some of the 'overheard' posts.

  8. i don't know  

    lydia. but its pretty creepy to be commenting on her anonymously, especially considering the obviously substantial amount of work she puts in on stories which are definitely newsworthy

  9. aww  

    avi's come to the rescue, poor poor lydia

  10. Sprinkles  

    Um, yeah, because the Chicano Caucus kills people for sport and leaves them hanging from trees? Pffft.

  11. more importantly  

    where the fuck was gilchrist on colbert report.

  12. Correction please

    His name is *Stephen* Colbert, not Steven. Would the site staff please correct this. Thanks!

  13. Addict  

    No Bwog post for 18 hours :-( I need my fix, dammit!

  14. Damn straight  

    Damn straight, the Chicano Caucus is just a bunch of rabid racists who lynch and murder for fun and yearn for the good ole days of plantations and state rights, finally someones calling them out on it! However, I predict activist judges being paid off by George Soros to advocate the Secular-Progressive MainStream-Media Agenda will throw the case out in pursuit of their creation of a fascist-communist-liberal state.

  15. uhoh  

    "Item # 4: You might not like how the CU GOP operates, but at least they're not dressing up as illegal immigrants and chasing each other across campus. "

    Damn you BWOG, dont go giving Kulawik and Tao Tan more ideas!

  16. Horace Ruimpole

    Danger, danger, Will Robinson! Damages! Damages! I smell money! Isn't tort law swell! I love this country!

  17. Soo  

    So is Tao Tan in support of an illegal invasion of America by third-world citizens?

  18. ttan

    Wow. Nice of all you #@*(#& to know exactly what I think without asking me. Not that any of you care, anyway.

  19. poor karina

    As much as I admire Karina for her stunning beauty and ardent belief in a noble cause, I'm glad to see that she can't get away with calling someone a murderer on TV with no evidence to back the charge whatsoever.

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