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nimarketAll things Asian converged on Low Plaza last night for Nightmarket, a delightful scrum of food, lights, music, and Dance Dance Revolution. Comestibles, sold in chunks for a dollar at most booths, ranged from the authentic to the untraditional, with frosted cupcakes on hand to wash down miso soup and wontons. The entertainment was equally eclectic, with traditional Chinese dance preceded by breakdancing and followed by CU Step. And everyone who’s anyone in the firmament of Columbia’s Asian cultural clubs was there–along with a few mystified non-Asians, who stopped briefly and moved on.

–More photos by Sumaiya Ahmed after the jump.












  1. exie.  

    it always saddens me a bit to see lonely, comment-free posts.

  2. acafan  

    Did bwog see Notes and Keys perform? They sounded really great, although it's unclear what their set had to do with Asia. And how about that Allan Lau? What a superstar.

  3. goodtime  

    I enjoyed the way the event wasn't just comprised on Asian organizations and the food selection was pretty sweet - bubble tea, roti rolls, fondue, and samosas = delicious. Does anyone know if there'll be any other events like this?

    Also, Allan Lau is a sexy beast.

  4. zomgallanlau  


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