1. X.J.  

    That Carman vandalism story is a sad deal, but I found it hilarious that the Spec story pretty much assured that the kid who they named is going to get in trouble for this (as he should, if it's true that these were his guests).

    They should tear that whole dump down anyways and start fresh.

    • architect  

      agreed...it was only supposed to be temporary housing to berth the GI Bill students (their program evolved into GS) anyway. it should be replaced by something john jay like. -former jj resident and imperialist

  2. holy shit  

    For the record, James McGirk does not represent the majority of GS writing majors in opinion or attitude. Most of us have better things to do than sit around sneering at the CCers. That column is just really embarassing.

    • mcgirk the jerk  

      the column just makes him look like a desperate guy with a serious inferiority complex. not only does it probably embarass GS students, but it's an insult to the writing program. why the hell is he in it if he thinks it's so worthless? and who the hell MAJORS in writing and then bitches about WRITING WORKSHOPS, a corner stone of a writer's education?

      • right?  

        If you hate the writing program so much, why not just switch to a straight English major? There's no shortage of successful writers with English degrees, and then you don't have to deal with writing workshops (which are really only useful for a writer who knows they're not yet perfect at their craft, which I'm guessing counts out McGirk).
        What really bothered me about his column is the presumptiousness of using "we" as if he's speaking for all of us. Most readers will understand that it's one person's opinion I hope, but it's still really embarassing that this guy is presuming to speak on behalf of my school and my major and present some really petty and unconstructive rants. Have an opinion column, express your opinion, fine, but don't try and sell it like you're the vox populi.

    • Writing program

      There needs to be more instruction in the writing program. It should be closer to a fine arts program -- it is administered by the S.O.A. after all. Workshopping is best for MFA-level material, it only works if you the difference between good writing and bad. Novice writers need instruction, assignments etc. If you don't know the basics, why torture the public with your crap?

  3. well  

    i thought his article was RIGHT ON

  4. Dean Awn

    mcgirk is a total douchebag. my supporting evidence: the photo of him in the album in his facebook profile.

    i mean, come on...

    any guesses on who or what he is in a relationship with?

    my money is on this guy: http://www.gawker.com/news/aleksey%20vayner/

  5. great article  

    that is PRECISELY what writing workshops are like. amazing.

    i guess that's why he's like a writer and shit.

    • it's a shame

      you must have lucked into some really awful workshops/classes, because in all my experiences at Columbia and elsewhere it's been nothing like that. there are usually a few idiots per group but for the most part i've had a positive experience, gotten great feedback, and met some really amazing people.

  6. Dean Awness

    McJerk's article is way out of line. Again, I cannot believe he's the one writing a GS column. No, 99% of GSers aren't like that. Sadly, idiots like McJerk make it seem otherwise.

  7. McGirk Sucks

    a. Can't write... it must be a bitch to be in workshops with him
    b. Doesn't know shit about the writing program (as in, you can always go to a prof's office hours)
    c. Doesn't get the whole point of a workshop.

  8. On second though  

    I just HAVE to believe that McGirk's column is a parody, perhaps one rejected by McSweeney's. I just have to - why else would someone so knowingly protray himself as a fucking asshole?

  9. awww

    aww, everybody look at all the angry writer(s)!

    reminds me of the best advice I ever got at Columbia: if you don't know who the ass clown is in a particular class, you're the ass clown.

    turns out the ass clown comments on the bwog

  10. James McGirk

    Of course this has to be the third goddamn Google hit when you search for my name! Look for my more recent work at The L Magazine or on my blog if you'd like. Best, JBM

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