QuickSpec – Soul-searching Edition

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  1. ugh  

    I motherfucking hate financial engineering. It's not engineering, stupid. Do something useful with your smarts.

  2. haha  

    "cut to the chase". brilliant. we should herd the i-banker wannabes onto another campus where they can all march around in suits and try to one-up each others' blackberries.

  3. ashley  

    while i agree with the counterpoint to the halloween costume article, it wasn't argued well; in fact, it wasnt much of an argument at all but just justified in an "it's too much, i don't like it" way, which is just not sufficient

    • Cam  

      Pretty much. The con side got "other people are wearing it" and "I should wear it" confused to a point rarely seen outside of high school. I really don't understand the mentality where, if someone comes up to me on Halloween and asks why I'm not in my skivvies, this has anything to do with ME instead of random person X being a douche.

  4. speccie  

    Yeah the TA story was worthless. This is not news!!

  5. uhh  

    i love how the only quotes about TAs in this article came from CC '10 people. a month and a half into college i barely understood what TAs were. i've had good and bad TAs--some who have really helped my understanding and some who were worthless, as far as adding to the class.

  6. for some  

    articulate discussion on the halloween issue/girls freezing their asses off but looking good issue:


  7. Anonymous

    I remember back when engineering was actually about science. This is not going to help improve engineering career fairs that are already dominated by every finance firm and a career services office that offers little to no assistance to people pursuing something not on Wall Street. One step forward, two steps back.

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