Thursday Room Hopping — Inexcusably Late Edition

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Bwog doesn’t have the cash to “pimp your room,” and we certainly don’t want to raid it and then date you. So we bring you the semi-weekly Thursday feature, the “Cribs-esque” Room Hopping, continuing with…

dots holdingKendall, C’08 rejoices in the “glue dot” (box at right). She has used this modest adhesive from Kate’s Paperie to collage the walls of her sizable Wallach single with photographs, magazine pictures, maps, and original artwork.

“I hate white walls,” she said. “You know that first night you spend in the room…” She shuddered.

The room wasn’t intentionally divided into zones, but every area of the room has a different scheme. Magazine models make a ceiling border, she has a zone for ticket stubs, snowy scenes of her native Colorado, and a photo shrine to her friends.


wall5 “I’m really organized. Things are kind of done in phases.”

cufflinkShe’s also hung two of her priceless posessions on the wall behind her desk: A guitar pick from her favorite band, Ok Go, and a cufflink of the lead singer’s. “One of his cufflinks fell off during the concert,” she said. And when her and a friend went to ask him to keep the recovered cufflink, he said he would need to take that one back. “But he runs all the way to the back and gets two broken cufflinks.” And she can ogle at it every time she sits at her desk. It’s proof that she “knew [the band] before they were big.”

bright!Kendall is also pleased with her warm, soft, orangy lighting and her superior campus view:


“It’s cool when I wake up in the morning. I can see Riverside Church and I hear the bells on Sundays.”

Have a tricked-out dorm, or wish to volunteer a friend/foe’s room? E-mail bwgossip@columbia.edu, and we’ll send a correspondent to scrutinize your living space for next week’s edition of room hopping!

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  1. damn  

    I always wanted a campus view like that...my views have been of st. luke's obesity ward, an airshaft, carman, and now harlem...

  2. moe  

    KENDALLL!! yessssss. awesome! way to um... reuse your magazines as decor...
    your ecorep.

  3. Gil

    Christ. Columbia kids don't get pregnant.

  4. Fecundity

    Well, her approach to decoration is certainly fecund.

  5. confused  

    for some reason can't figure out which dorm this is... on campus so furnald, wallach, or hartley?

  6. name  

    I don't know whether to die from jealousy over her Ok Go cufflink, or plot an elaborate Ocean's 11-style plot to make it mine. Seriously though, that is awesome. She needs to rent out her wall-collaging services for those of us who also want pimped-out rooms but have no patience for collaging.

  7. total hater  

    OMG!! She put photo montage of all her friends on her wall! Thats totally the most orginal design scheme EVAR!! I have never seen anyone do that before in the bedroom of every highschool girl I have ever met...oh wait.
    Just kidding.
    This article sucks.

  8. wo.  

    must have drank some haterade.

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