We need names, orientations, and relationship statuses here people! Don't put pictures of boys in speedos on here without some means of stalking them!

  2. um how about  

    WOMEN'S SOCCER- Tied for the Ivy league going into their final weekend!!!

    This would be our first Ivy title in a sport that didnt involve running around a track, swordplay, or something else that in forever!

    • not quite tied...  

      Women's soccer is actually in sole possession of first place going into their final weekend. They control their own destiny; win at Harvard next Saturday and they clinch.

  3. soccer people  

    how about sending some info to [email protected]..?

  4. stalker  

    y dont u just look at the roster on the athletics web page.... where are your stalking skills people

  5. there's no  

    way water polo is a varsity sport.

  6. fan of a team member  

    yay prospie! I'm so proud of you!

  7. barnard rocks  

    i know the one in the black speedo!
    he's definitely a cutie but not really attainable.. :(

    by the way that picture doesn't do him justice.
    look him up on facebook. i think he's from miami or california or something.

  8. who are you?  

    HOLY FUCK who are you people??
    Thanks for the flattering comments...i guess. I do recommend you girls go out and get laid. We drink at the Lion's Head at midnight on Wednesdays at the back table. You may also come to the pool at 9:30 and check us out when we practice.

    I hope it was either Molly or Jessie who posted that last comment. If not, then your internet-stalker ass needs to get laid.

    - the one in the black speedo

    P.S. I'm from Miami.

  9. are we  

    all looking at the same black speedo guy? the one kneeling w/man boobs?

  10. yeah totally  

    actually none of the guys are attractive. they're all either pale or have moobs (man boobs). eww.

    umm id say the black guy next to our chunky buddy in black is the cutest.

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