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An anonymous Bwog tipster reports this “fuck-you” fest and near fist-fight at everyone’s favorite cardboard-as-pizza joint…

pizza fight
Just letting you guys know that a friend and I had the opportunity to witness a small pre-Halloween brawl at Pinnacle tonight at approximately 2 am. It started when we noticed many expletives coming from the lower level of the eatery. Little did we know when we walked to look over the rail that quite a show was in store. A man (presumably a student) dressed in a tacky 70’s suit and awful chest hair (fake?) was yelling at the Pinnacle owner/manager over a slice of pizza. Apparently he wanted a new slice for free after dropping his slice on the floor, but the manager (who we had never seen so angry before) refused to comply to his wishes and began yelling back at the tacky-costumed customer.

Several of the characters visiting Pinnacle tried to interfere with Tacky 70’s Suit Guy, including his swashbuckling Zorro-sans-mask friend, the Green Giant, a blinged out balla’, a jump-suited convict, and an Asian kid.

However, most of the time Tacky 70’s Suit Guy continued yelling unpleasantries at whoever he could while continuing to argue over his pizza slice with the manager. Somewhere in midst of this the staff at Pinnacle locked and guarded the doors and called the police while several girls became emotional, the “fuck yous” continued getting thrown around at least 40 times, the manager became aggravated to the point of angrily leaving his customed counter and yelling at the various individuals involved, and straws and coffee stirrers were being tossed all over the place.

Around 10 minutes after the incident began the police arrived and people were dispersed. Tacky 70’s Suit Guy and friends were taken outside by police for questioning. It is unclear, however, if any arrests were made, since we figured it was best to get out at that point. The great part: the entire time while this was going on, customers were still slipping past the doors and the rumble to place food orders. I guess the show must go on.

Quote of the evening:

Tacky 70’s Suit Guy: “What, are they going to arrest me for,

dropping a fucking slice of pizza?”

Asian kid: “No, for being a fucking douchebag.”

(Everyone in the restuarant goes hysterical)

Happy Halloween!

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  1. that's my boy!  

    yeah, perry!

  2. WHAT?  

    WHAT!? Pinnacle became an unpleasant, poorly managed place? This is unbelievable!

  3. EC party sucked

    Hahahha I was partying with those guys earlier in the night. Their suit went dry at like, 11 30, so he's got no excuse...

  4. the asian kid  

    lol the guy was hilarious too bad he didn't get arrested

  5. Essex Green

    That's awful. People might disagree with me, but I've been to Pinnacle probably a few hundred times over the past couple of years, and find the people that work there to be generally friendly. The manager's one of the nicest and hardworking guys around. Honestly, I've seen him work like 20 hour shifts before. And say what you want about the food, but for the prices they charge, I'll gladly take anything there over Columbia Dining.

    I did notice an increase in the number of morons on the street last night. Why the fuck are 20 year old college kids dressing up for Halloween?

  6. I will say that,  

    While I've had some bad experiences with folks working at Pinnacle, by comparison to the guys at Nussbaum they're saints

  7. yet another example

    of obnoxious, self-entitled columbia kids. damn i'll be glad to get outta here.

    for perry's sake, i wish someone would smack that joker in the face.

  8. quick  

    question? where exactly was the brawl. this just sounds like a wuss shouting match.

  9. the asian kid  

    just to clarify everything incase any1 is confused? perry yin is me the asian kid

  10. note:  

    I've never had any problem with the people there at morning, noon, or really any time before 6pm...but the people who work there evening/nights are some of the rudest food service people I've EVER had to deal with (though the manager at Kebab and Curry House comes close.)

  11. you know  

    I love how when I click the tag "Violence" I get multiple entries.

  12. test

    I've been to Pinnacle hundreds of times. Never an issue with the people there. Went to Nussbaum once. Guy got into a shouting match over screwing up my bagel. Haven't been back since.

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