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bobrauschenbergamericaAlthough Bwog managed to squeeze into tonight’s midnight performance, there’s only two shows left of bobrauschenbergamerica, the lastest production from King’s Crown. The play, by Charles Mee, comprises a series of vignettes exploring the life and work of modern sculptor and painter Robert Rauschenberg, and the idea of modern American identity. The audience joins the cast in the tiny space behind the lowered curtain of Roone Arledge to watch the play’s set being constructed heuristically throughout the performance by ever-present crew and a very able cast, combining sculpture, poetry, and bits of modern art to build a backdrop that’s as eclectic and compelling as the performance taking place in front.

The show goes on again Sunday at 2 and 8 PM. Tickets are free and can be reserved online at the play’s website.

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  1. keb  

    The show is amazing!! Everyone should try to see it.

  2. ben  

    who did this review?
    i would like that picture please.
    email me, yes?

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