Bwogossip: Insensitivity Edition

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In which Bwog presents the shocking underface of our school’s rigidly PC façade- misogyny! AIDS jokes! Brangelina? The Horror, just in time for Halloween, below:

Proof that the Ivy League is home to our country’s best and brightest- overheard in the hallway of Wien 10:

(laughter and yelling)

Girl: “But I don’t have AIDS!”

Guy: “It’s funny!”

(beat) [sic]

Girl: “Kiss my boo boo!”

From a girl in line at Milano, recounting her weekend party experiences:

“He was like ‘Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!’ and I was like, ‘I was supposed to be Judy Garland but the three guesses I kept getting were hooker, rockette, and Victor/Victoria.’ And he was like, ‘I don’t care what you were SUPPOSED to be, Ashley, those legs were yummy! winkface winkface winkface.'”

It seems that these social convention-clueless Columbians could learn a thing or two from the Department of Dry British Wit, which, as ever, demonstrates a more subtle approach:

“Pitt and Jolie are in India shooting Daniel Pearl, a film about the reporter who was murdered in Pakistan in 2002.”

Thanks to Paul Barndt, Nick Frisch, and Hannah Goldfield.

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