1. dante  

    and now we've begun our descent into the inferno...oh how well this blog represents columbia...

  2. chickenfucker  

    classic southpark business. probably a librarian

  3. Virgil  

    You think this is a joke.
    No. That shit actually happened. It was the worst thing I have ever seen.

  4. tis real  

    They were referring to a real event. A Columbia student who shall go nameless performed a sketch at UCB's Dirtiest Sketch contest in which he feigned sex with a dead chicken.

  5. no of course not!  

    he warmed it up in the microwave first. Fucking cold dead chicken is nasty!

  6. ...  

    To clear things up:
    - he did actually fuck the chicken
    - after first tearing it apart with a knife
    - and he had an erection. The MCs actually called the audience's attention to it

    • i'm sorry but  

      I come up with dirtier stuff on a near-hourly basis. Fucking a dead chicken? Teabagging a Jew's food? Come on! How about eating out a not-so-recently deceased woman? And I mean *eating*

  7. i get it  

    chris kulawik is the chickenhawk and avi had a little fuck-tryst with him.

    i bet they were playing footsies under the table w/oreilly on his show

  8. The Real Guy  

    To actually clear things up:
    - I put dead chicken parts near my genitals and thrusted. Calling that fucking a chicken is like calling Dane Cook a comedian. (Or George Bush a President LOL!!!!!)
    - I didn't have anything approaching an erection, though I don't doubt it would have been funnier if I had.
    - If anything, more attention should be paid to the fact that I put its beak around the head. That's a much funnier image to me.

    I love you all.

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