1. actually  

    they've been doing this every year at halloween...too bad it's really only for people who have class on that afternoon in hamilton (or are otherwise apprised)...no candy for the engineers in mudd, I'm afraid.

  2. mlp  

    There's also a table with goodies in front of the campus entrance to Lerner.

  3. why  

    isn't dean mescher wearing the head?!

  4. hey  

    that's not the lobby, buddy

  5. joe  

    i can't believe i missed it...they should have done it all day

  6. deanie  

    someone must have won a rhodes...dean pippenger looks psyched.

  7. wtf  

    no one tells me about this stuff... it doesn't help that my hamilton classes were all from 9-11. !@#$!

  8. alum

    Here's a heads-up:

    After doing this for the first time last year, they followed-up in the spring on Valentine's Day.

    Nothing says Columbia lovin' like Quigley and cupcakes.

  9. yay  

    did anyone else see Quigley dresses in Harry Potter garb??!?

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