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Questions for On the Waterfront

1. The film answers the question of location with the first shot. The film opens with a shot of the waterfront; the viewer can see ships and boats parked in a harbor in the background. The shot conveys to the viewer that the film’s story will revolve around this location.


Terry’s testimony becomes essential not only for the longshoremen but for his character as well, because if he doesn’t speak out, he will remain a bum and never be a contender.



It is my belief that one of the main reasons people seek the artistic medium is to discover their individual identities, rediscover their family heritage, and possibly envision their future in this world.


Does all work and no fun make Jack a dull boy? Yes it does, especially if Jack has to spend eight hours per day in a boat, pool or stadium.


To the extent that the distinction between whore and the wife are important, money and intimacy are considered “hostile worlds.”


They are wearing traditional suits, some wearing top hats, and others wearing scarves around their hats. With these details, it is possible to infer that the time period is in between the 1940’s and 1950’s.


There was nothing Nicole could say to explain, nothing she could do but gather up the pieces of black lace and cat ears strewn across the front seat, open the door, and run straight into the house not stopping until the door of her room was locked behind her.


An antagonist is somebody who opposes the protagonist.

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