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sixdegreesABC’s Six Degrees has been filming near here all day, and we’ve managed to locate their food tent! Walk on by Nussbaum, wear a baseball cap, and say you’re the best boy!

In other news, it seems as if people on the sets of TV shows do a lot of standing around, and not much of anything else. 

Update: Actual free food available on Low Plaza! The Chicano Caucus is having an event to celebrate Dia de los Muertos. There are tamales, arroz con leche and pan dulce up for grabs, and handmade clothing for sale.


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  1. yeah  

    and they have a lot of bathrooms too.

  2. not sure  

    why they're spending so much time here...I couldn't get to the post office today because of them. law and order films for like 20 minutes and then jets.

    • well,  

      they were actually quite helpful when I had to get to the post office, but that may be because they were wrapping up... still, there were other people just sitting around the stoops.

  3. riverside  

    If anyone's interested... Ridley Scott is filming 'American Gangster' tomorrow near Riverside. Look out for Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe, or hide from them, whatever...

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