Overheard: Objectivist edition

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aynOutside Hamilton, at about 8:59 PM last night:

Guy 1:  “Ayn Rand, you really need sex, but not with me!”

Guy 2:  “Help!  Help!  I’m being raped by Ayn Rand!”

What’s terrible is that the hero of The Fountainhead actually does rape his love interest. Bwog shudders.

Thanks to Bwog tipster Jason Patinkin for overhearing.



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  1. CML  

    What's more fun is the following game: who can find the most similarities between Rand and M. Dianne?

  2. Good God  

    I hate Ayn Rand.

  3. You know...

    Ayn Rand hates you too.

  4. one more  

    book ruined, thanks to the bwog.

    how am i ever going to become like chris kulawik?

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