1. Anonymous  

    Yea Trump for getting linked twice.

    Nea body hair.

  2. Sorrty  

    Sorry to tell you, bwog, but you're not funny either. I'm not even from the Fed, but I just thought I should let you know that, whether it's online, or in print, adding an exclamation point to a banal sentence does not make it funny. At all.

  3. Anddd  

    Using words like banal with a clipped sentence following to emphasize your point does not make you authoritative.

  4. Logic  

    Rod Trump = Funny
    The Fed = Rod Trump
    .: The Fed = Funny

  5. Interesting  

    The bwog's QuickFed always has an interesting selection of links, but I'm not sure it's entirely representative of the paper as a whole. Methinks the bwog staff are choosing features based on what will let them give the most witty description (make of that what you will) rather than on the strength of actual content. Could that be possible?!

  6. Truism  

    Although the Dr Doom article made me shoot coffee out my that's pretty funny I think.

  7. Seconding  

    Doom was absolutely hilarious

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