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In which S. Alex Kudroff tells us what makes B&W staffer Will Snider’s play different from all other plays…

tragiccomedy“Everything Different” is college compressed into 85 minutes. Will Snider manages to capture the essence of a night of drunken mayhem in a dorm suite where conversations roam from love to sex, depression, drugs, revolution, and of course, sports.

The play begins with the gay liberal-revolutionary reading the newspaper and saying “fuck” to the world. The rest of the play follows in this cynical tone, only with more alcohol. Throw in the guy who believes in love and hopes to stop hooking up with random girls, the girl who only believes in the practical form of love (anyone up for a Symposium?), the guy who is madly in love with a girl from high school who doesn’t actually care about him, the athlete who just wants some drugs, and of course, the drug dealer who supposedly wears sunglasses indoors (though he doesn’t actually on stage).

As more alcohol is consumed, the characters open up more, and the audience is left in that bittersweet intermediate state between laughter and tears.

And if the alcohol, drugs, and depression don’t make you want to go, then maybe the prospect of seeing two guys kiss on stage will.


Everything Different

Thursday, November 2

Friday, November 3

8:00 PM (box office opens at 7), Lerner Black Box

Written by Will Snider and directed by Deanna Weiner, presented by NOMADS.

$3 w/CUID, $5 w/out. Reserve tickets here.

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  1. I would  

    go to more of these plays if they were free, and if I didn't have to expend the effort to get to the top of lerner. whatever happened to the schapiro black box?

  2. its 3 damn dollars  

    eat a SCORPION dick

    • yes but  

      you know, that means it requires planning ahead of time, and the possibility that I might buy tickets and still not get a seat (black box has been oversold lately).

      can't you guys find a larger performance space? a black box is for highly specialized shows, not every damn play.

  3. Performance Space  

    The Schapiro black box is only available to grad students (yes, Coronation Voyage, but that was a fluke), which leaves the Lerner black box and Roone Arledge. If the cast is smaller than a dozen, or if the show even approaches 'intimate,' then Roone is almost always out. Performance space is pretty limited all over.

  4. nbf  

    cyncial? spellhceck?

  5. space  

    the party space has horribile acoustics, not to mention it's nearly impossible to completely isolate it for a quiet performance. Miller Theatre is very expensive, and when undergrad groups do get in, they don't get time for a tech week. They get basically 24 hours the day of the show.

  6. but seriously  

    no matter where 'everything' took place, three dollars is highway robbery for something that's student written.
    hats off to will for the effort, but the whole thing seems like a puffed out latenite short.

  7. cmon  

    what would the 3 dollars go to otherwise? laundry? you can find that shit in pockets and drawers. it's worth it to spend 3 dollars on theater, when you usually spend 3 dollars on a beer.

  8. moph  

    roone arledge auditorium tends to get multiple bookings for every weekend in the second half of each semester. small shows get pushed out, in favor of the big shows and cultural shows/performances.

    shapiro black box is only open to SOA students (partially because Lerner Black Box is only open to undergraduates) and miller theater is incredibly expensive.

    also--is it really that hard to get to lerner?

    • lerner is...  

      packed by pre calendaring. there are awesome spaces around campus if you're creative, though. urinetown is going up in the party space in a couple of weeks, and though it's not a space that would work for every show, it sounds like they're going to make it awesome.

  9. highway robbery  

    probably never happened. by the time the highway system was invented here in america the country had already been settled. 'wagon-path robbery' or 'trail of tears robbery' would be more appropriate

  10. Uhhhh  

    What was so different about this?

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