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  1. RE: ADD story

    I wouldn't want an ADD-addled GS-post bac as my doctor.

  2. constructive critic  

    this might actually be the worst attempt at publishing known to man

  3. rolling eye  

    the back page is riddled with such terrible attempts at humor (most of them inside) that it is good for little except fuel to feed into the gaping steam hole that has just opened in front of wien.

  4. hey bwog

    thanks for making me think about un chien andalou with that picture. thanks for not posting a few frames later when the eye gets slit open with a razor.

    also: Debaser.

    great references.

  5. true story  

    i must confess that this week's humor page is terrible and actually made me frown. but please don't judge the rest of the magazine based on how terrible it is; some of the other articles are actually good/well-written.

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