Ground in front of Wien opens, the Inferno suddenly hits home

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So, what the eff is going on in front of Wien? Last we checked, it looked like Mars after some misbegotten NASA craft crashed into the ground. We speculate that is has something to do with the boiler? Hopefully Wien-ers won’t have to hire a human rights lawyer this time.

Also, according to informant and Bwog staffer Sara Vogel, our fascination puts us in good company:

“Someone in my CC class said he saw former President of the Czech Republic Vaclav Havel staring at this battlefield-esque construction site. He came back three hours later, and Vaclav was still there, asking questions about the site, entranced!”

The scene:

This just in from Elizabeth Mooers: Wien courtyard as set of film-noir at night…


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  1. Yes Vaclav!

    This is indeed the shit hole we make undergrads live in! What's that you say? Soviet block housing was better than this? Wait 'til we show you EC- That'll really bring back the memories!

  2. Ugh  

    And it smells like bitter ass there too. They sent us an email about it, some gas leak of some sort.
    "An underground steam / condensate line which supplies steam to Wien Hall, Faculty House and the President’s House has developed a leak. In order to make emergency repairs a contractor must expose the line. This work will start today and will cause some noise and dust. It is most likely that the contractor will work during evening hours.

    I will keep you informed how work progresses."

  3. typo  

    *steam, not gas natch

  4. Indeed

    I specialize in it.

  5. 116th street  

    what was going on on 116th street between broadway and riverside today, in front of the barnard dorms? there were a whole bunch of old '50s cars and perhaps they were filming?

  6. sigh  

    i wish havel would have used his magic powers to fix everything.

  7. for the record  

    Wien = Columbia's Auschwitz

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  9. Captain Suspicious  

    By soon, do you mean...soon?

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