Hey, kids, let’s put on a show!

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Oh, the drama! The scandal! The coy glances! The Gates, a soap opera about Columbia life, is premiering on CTV, YouTube, and iTunes at 9PM tonight. Though you might already know this, because they picked this up at IvyGate yesterday, and we posted about it too.

Anyways, after the jump: Some more promotional stills to pique your little guilty-pleasure-loving brain’s interest. Add your own dialogue as needed.

Does anyone know where the first dorm room is? Or, for that matter, where the brawl is taking place in the second?



  1. the fight  

    That looks like a frat to me, notice the pictures of distinguised alums behind the row of student spectators. I could be wrong though

  2. That's not a dorm

    that room is also in the SigEp house.

  3. christo et j. claude  

    CTV stole our artwork's name. we hereby sue!

  4. ironic

    that was my room sophomore year... frightening

  5. Thursday

    night prime time, going up against the networks. Wondering what to watch... The Gates or Greys Anatomy?

    CTV ego?

  6. itunes?  

    How is this on iTunes?

  7. its realistic  

    all the columbia students are ugly

  8. whyyyyyyyy  

    is this impossible to watch?

  9. me too!  

    give us some youtube or itunes links, CTV! I want my guilty pleasure

  10. seriously  

    i need to know how to see this.
    did they not deliver on their promises of lusty coeds?

  11. damn right

    where the hell are the links/videos?

    I am psyched to see Sarah Smick bein' a hottie...

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