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  1. travis  

    This is unrelated, but I've been thinking that someone should make t-shirts with "University of Havana-North" written on them.

    Bwog, make it happen.

  2. come on  

    Bwog, your obsession with tying everything in Harlem to Manhattanville is getting really boring.

  3. lol  

    Students from the Barnard Organization of Soul Sisters

  4. Hey Alex J-

    Don't you realize that no one wants to look at ugly people on tv and that 80 % of the US are caucasian? And that just maybe, not every single thing we see need advocate social justice and grotty sexual practices... just saying is all

  5. rjt  

    Not sure if I agree with that reason for disliking American Apparel, but this one is much more valid: their CEO is a fucking creep.

  6. columbian  

    I want to buy a shirt. Can they sell them to the rest of campus? Like send out a message to the facebook group or post on bwog letting us know how to buy them. They could either sell them and donate the profits to some relevant organization, or just sell at face value.

  7. nit-picky  

    The article about American Apparel made some really good points, but it needs to be more careful about mixing up its "WASPs", "rich, heterosexual, White men", and "White, upper-middle class". There are, after all, rich, heterosexual, White men who are not WASPs (many Jewish men), WASPs who are not rich, heterosexual, or male, etc. Those groups, though they intersect, are different.

    Again, I agree with the article, but think that using those terms interchangeably (perhaps instead of "patriarchal power") weakened the piece.

    • remember  

      if you are a white male and you don't hate yourself or pretend to be something else after you receive your columbia degree, you are an ugly racist fascist patriarch one step down on the evolutionary tree

      • For reals

        It's only a matter of time before one of 'em goes ape-shit and pulls a columbine. But then aren't all the (non-international) white males on campus jewish, anyway? Meaning they get a free pass on slavery, Jim Crow and 2/3 of colonialism.

  8. Giulia

    Those shirts would have nothing on some of the others I've seen recently:

    - Put out by some campus group at Columbia the point of which is apparently to construct robots (??) and spotted on a fellow student in lecture: "Columbiatch"

    - And even better, inspired somewhat by the Eddie Izzard sketch, somewhat by the actual real-life, JFK-in-Berlin event, shirts from Oberlin College that say "Ich Bin Ein Oberliner" on the front, and "I am a donut with a liberal arts education" on the back.

    Yeah, I would seriously buy (and definitely wear) either one of those...

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