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  1. DHI  

    I don't usually hate Porter’s article s, but if this one is a joke it should be funnier, and if not it should be less retarded.

  2. Anonymous  

    Damn. We did well.

  3. i used  

    i used to hate jd porter, but i thought this one was amazing.

  4. holden  

    is the only one who i actually read when i see his articles..and kulawik for the spectacle/train wreck

  5. if this  

    site turns into a quick spec site, i'm going to quit reading. i mean, who the fuck wants to spec quickly. read what you said and think about it.

  6. The Word  

    -I thought the elections stuff was really thorough. The blog's probably going to be excellent
    -Check out the article about the homeless.
    -Porter's columns, if read correctly, are amazing every week.
    -To read Porter's columns correctly, you have pull your head out of your ass.

  7. Wow, you're right  

    I had a terrible turkey wrap at Uris last week. I was quite unhappy, even upset. But I did not spend three days on the Steps with a sign around my neck saying, "There's a Holocaust in my mouth."

    Holy crap, what a good article. I love.

  8. umm  

    JD Porter is definitely not an idiot, I think his columns are brilliant. You can't read them straight, jeez, have you ever heard of sarcasm, irony, tongue-in-cheek, if you will? It's not what he says, it's the way he says it. I think he illustrates some of the sheer ridiculousness that is the Columbia student and Columbia mindset quite well.

  9. JD's a great writer

    He writes rings around all the other columnists.

    Poster 13, even though I agree with your last comment, your ummm schtick is wearing really fucking thin. Why don't you do us all a favor and can it. In fact, since you've graduated, why don't you just vanish into the ether?

  10. Yeh

    because graduating totally means their opinion's no longer worth reading, as they are no longer relevant to our Columbia bubble.

    Incidentally, see that? It was sarcasm. You could tell it was sarcasm. You didn't have to sit there wondering if I was making a snarky joke, or just incredibly stupid. That's what made it different from a JD Porter article.

  11. Yeh

    Actually it means you should like, you know, get a life after you graduate and not skulk around undergrad blogs anymore. Especially when it's obvious who it is. We can read your IP

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