No, Zvi, no!

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You didn’t want it to be true, but Dean of SEAS Zvi Galil has been unanimously selected as the new president of Tel Aviv University in Israel by its presidential search committee. Now Galil must be approved by the University’s senate on Wednesday and their Board of Directors for approval, the Jerusalem Post reports. Bwog saw it coming…

Read the Spec article for more details.

In loving veneration, BWOG presents its Best of Zvi:

Meet the Bureaucrobats!

Zvi the Spam Robot

Harvard and SEAS?

Feel free to add any warm, fuzzy memories of your own.

Update: Alex Weinberg writes in to say, “We’re not going down without a fight!” And how does SEAS go down fighting? They warm up their laptops. Post a note to the Save Zvi Galil project (“Because we love him more than Tel Aviv does.”)

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  1. Zvi forever!  

    I think we're missing the big question. What exactly is going to happen to the cardboard cut-out? Will it be sent to Tel Aviv? Will it become the new dean of SEAS?

  2. it will be

    placed in the closet along with cardboard mr. spock and cardboard stephen hawking.

  3. the Man

    or perhaps the cutout will make an appearance at subsequent graduations... all depends on who has it and what they want to do with it...

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