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election A dear alumnus informs us that Ady Barkan, C ’06, is working to make the last past six months of his life relevant: he’s the spokesman for one Victoria Wulsin, who’s 2,300 votes down against incumbent Republican Jean Schmidt (who incurred Democratic wrath by calling decorated veteran John Murtha a coward) in Ohio’s second district. Barkan, who mucked around with various publications at Columbia, campaigned against sweatshop labor, and stuck it to John McCain at graduation last year, has been working for Wulsin since May. Make us proud, Ady!

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  1. umm  

    Is Ady Barkan terminally ill?

  2. umm  

    The previous six months of his life, I think the poster met.

  3. hmm  

    "make us proud"...way to be politically balanced. just like spec's election blog covered only the democrats. this school seems to want to go out of its way to prove bill o'reilly right...

    on an unrelated note, liz brown cc'07's dad won a senate seat...not worth a post?

  4. give me a break  

    i agree bwog and spec are too left to a fault sometimes but all they're doing is complementing the efforts of a student during the elections...their headline isn't partisan and all they say is 'make us proud andy' which is directed at that one individual

    lets calm down w/the post bashing

  5. speccie  

    "half of spec's reproters believe they have the best critique of capitalism"

    Which half would that be? And how many Spec reporters have you even met? I'm not really sure what you're trying to say - that we're a bunch of socialists? The ISO would beg to differ...

  6. ugh  

    Joe Lieberman is hardly liberal, by any definition - in case you didn't notice, he had the support of more republicans than democrats this election cycle (which is why the republicans were campaigning for him.


    • how does  

      that make him republican again which was the original assertion. stop speaking now stupid bitch.

      and think about what you're typing before calling someone a dumbass.

    • number 17  

      needs to learn something about American politics.

      Joe is a die hard social and economic progressive, liberal - whatever you want to call him. He won the support of Republicans because he's long articulated a strong foreign policy and stands against "Cut and Run." So if you're a one issue Peacnik with no understanding of anything other than "OMG I HAET TEH BUSH LOLZ!1!!" - shut the hell up

  7. ugh  

    Talk about an overly simplistic view of politics. I never said he was republican, but that he was conservative. If you don't know the difference, study the difference between westchester county republicans and montana democrats.

    joe lieberman is an orthodox jew who supports the war in iraq and is opposed to bringing the troops back, he's pro free trade, pro israel, pro tort reform, he's sponsored legislation against violent video games, etc., etc., etc. (note that I'm not saying these are necessarily bad things, just conservative viewpoints) Is he a Jerry Falwell conservative? No. But for a northeastern senator, he's conservative - which is why the republicans are supporting him.

  8. sim

    why do people always extoll the virtue of unbiased reporting? no such thing...its good to see the bwog fighting the good fight.

    • haha  

      this is why the campus echo chamber is such an issue...if you actually believe your partisan political position to be infallible truth, we have a serious problem. earth to columbian: the categorical imperative does not necessarily vote for the democratic party.

  9. yes!  

    Someone has called someone else a Nazi, so we know this is now an official online debate(scratch that) argument(scratch that) pissing match(that'll do).

  10. you fools

    Conservatives won this election, regardless of the party. The Democratic victors were by and large conservatives, and in some cases even more conservative than the Republicans they defeated. Jim Webb a liberal? Are you kidding?

    Liberals got screwed this election. This was no move to the center, this was a thinly veiled power grab enabled by a temporary abandonment of principles. Pennsylvania elected Bob Casey, a pro-life, anti-women's rights Democrat. He's more conservative than the state's other senator, pro-choice, pro-gay rights Republican Arlen Specter.

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