Columbia is bleeding?

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Up-and-coming quirky singer-songwriter Nellie McKay often writes songs with political messages, but it was brought to our attention that on her latest album, Pretty Little Head, she has some harsh words for Columbia and its students.

Apparently the lyrics are about monkey-abuse, but here they are for your own dissection:

 “Columbia is Bleeding”

Another day begins

And there you are

The mother sways her shins

Here comes the footstep of the man who’ll make your dreams

The tube is fitted in

And there you are

The tepid seditive

Then a scream

Hold your placard up

Cold and coffee cup

After go to a bar

Hand your flier out

Must admire

How dedicated you are.



I don’t wanna know if you’re having fun

Or your maddens are on sale.

I don’t wanna know if you’ve got a gun or a new stepson

Or you think you’re gonna bail.

Chris Hougan

She had to run

Last night been a lot of fun.

But now it’s French

A little tense

She hadn’t done the reading.

There she sat

Hoped to pass

Didn’t think to face the fact

That oh by gosh o lack o lass

Columbia is bleeding.

Walkin down

Off the bus

Vickie Lucas crossed campus was

Thinkin how she’s made it now

That successful feeling.

Walked by fast

Hailed a cab

No clue that she’d passed a lab

And while she’s sittin in lit class

Columbia is bleeding.

The surgeon is in town

And there you are

The clamp is comin’ down

Then a scream.

Everybody knows protestors are those

Schmoes who don’t have a life.

See these scientists seeking differences

Have to suffer such strife.


Generalize, proselytize, verbs were spillin out their sides

As Charles Eise buys his supplies gets ready for a feeding.

Tried for track

Hit the mat

Didn’t think to face the fact

That while he’s thinkin ‘man that’s whack’

Columbia is bleeding.

Quite a snob he didn’t tip

Nice guy Rob watched the eclipse

And looked around

‘I’ve made it now

I’m just so glad to be here.’

Made a pass

Got hand slapped

Didn’t think to face the fact

That while he’s mackin on that ass

Columbia is bleeding.

You don’t have a religion

But you have fingers ten

They clutch at your incision

You roll them up and

Then a scream.

They’re just animals

Make good edibles

Fester filth and disease

Check the Bible son

We got dominion

We can do as we please.



Tee tee green


Ended up beside the team

And gave a cheer

Got some beers

With friends who started streakin.

Back with Zach said ‘I look fat’

Didn’t think to face the fact

That while she’s under self-attack

Columbia is bleeding.

Rodney J began to pray

His momma lost her life that day.

Had been a year

It wasn’t clear

If he was safe or screamin

As he jabbed the Bible flap

He didn’t think to face the fact

That barbarism killed the cat

Columbia is bleeding.

This is the Ivy League.



  1. gee  

    Horrendous. Are you telling me medical researchers actually do experiments on animals in order to save human lives? And at Columbia no less? My God! Next time I'm in French class, I'll be sure to think of the poor monkeys and not about all the people dying of leukemia out there.

  2. Sprinkles  

    She could have said two words and spared us these terrible lyrics: "Life sucks."


    I dare say, those lyrics made less sense than the recent Digitalia posts.

  4. ....  

    stop being so naive and start jumping on some stages. doing your cc readin aint gonna change a damn thing.

    columbia is bleeding.

  5. wirc  

    I'm pretty sure she handed me an animal rights flyer the other day. She lives right around here, and I did a double-take, but I didn't really check. Also her music, and all other anti-folk like hers sucks. Resoundingly.

  6. didly squat  

    boo!! stop singing or writing songs you suck terribly and no i dont love columbia but damn you suck

  7. damn  

    i bet she cuts herself every night before going to sleep. who's bleeding now, foo?

  8. she is  

    not really antifolk. which isnt exactly a genre anyway.

  9. Ugh  

    This would be lyrical garbage even if her message didn't suck.

  10. yeah,  

    i've had enough of the whole precocious-but-really-just-not-very-good singer-songwriter thing. she needs to shut the fuck up (and not because of her lyrical content; her songs just aren't catchy/well-written).

  11. You can  

    hear the song here and see accompanying video footage:

    There's also a video interview with her here:

    As a vegetarian, I mostly agree with her stance. Musically, however, that song of hers...screw Columbia, my EARS are bleeding.

  12. hello

    i personally like the album. which, by the way, is a year old (...bwog).

    • actually  

      the album was released on october 31.

      she is a very good singer-songwriter, and a lot of her songs work. this one is terrible.

      but she's absolutely right about columbia. unnecessary animal cruelty happened here. and it did not and was not meant to save human lives.

  13. dana  

    damn bwog, i first leaked this shit.

    no credit ?

  14. ...  

    ...right, because we clearly stick tubes into monkeys' heads to study cancer growths for *fun*.

    And then we play slip-and-slide in their blood.

    If anyone I knew had leukemia? Tell the monkeys to go fuck themselves. Same goes for every poser who pretends they wouldn't do the same.

  15. no.  

    "metal pipes are sunk into the skulls of rhesus monkeys for the sole purpose of studying the effects of stress on the menstrual cycle"

    To study cancer growths? Ridiculous. Do some research. Of course we don't do animal testing for *fun*, but there is always going to be abuse and we need whistle-blowing activists to stop it.

  16. hmm

    trust me. the album's over a year old. it took forever to get it released, but it's been available for a long time.

    either way, columbia is bleeing isn't one of the better songs on the album.

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