1. Anna  

    The interview with the Morton Williams kids is hilarious!

  2. that  

    troels jorgenson guy would make one hell of a maoist:
    "If there's a problem, I wouldn't advertise it. It's better to keep people in good spirits and enjoying the trees"
    yeah, just like the cultural revolution, eh?

  3. daniella  

    you guys realize that those photo essays have been up for weeks, right?

  4. no one  

    willing to touch the ballou piece on spec diversity?

  5. But he is

    But he is touting his website

  6. his column  

    Maybe it's because his column wasn't very good?

  7. Jorgensen  

    He teaches math. Go figure..

  8. Diversity

    What more could you possibly want to hear about diversity at Columbia?

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