By George, He’s Been Beheaded

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Some time last evening, the statue of George Washington at the never-finished Cathedral of Saint John the Divine was beheaded in a blatant act of vandalism. A tipster reports that the head was replaced with a $1 bill–of course featuring the face our first President himself. 

Alex Weinberg, who took the photo at left, was interviewed by Fox 5 regarding the incident. He has this unrelated anecdote:

“Once the cameras stopped rolling, the creepy camera guy began telling me about an extremely hot Barnard girl who had just been there. He said things like, “Oh, she was the complete package, let me tell you. Freshman and everything.” He whistled and seemed to be getting a little worked up. I left.”

Anyway…Where is the head? Who is the thief?  Could it be revenge? Bwog wonders what Hammurabi would do if he were to capture the decapitator.

Thanks to Jacob Taber for the initial tip.

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  1. Alex Weinberg  

    I also took that photo!

    (P.S. Barnard hot chick -- please identify yourself)

  2. Alex Weinberg  


    (We're all still waiting from the hot Barnard girl.)

  3. Smartass

    Too bad for the cameraman that the thief is the only one who got any head.

  4. Another Smartass

    Obviously not a good week to be a president named George.

  5. hmm  

    perhaps someone radically against the intermingling of church and state? or someone concerned that plastering washington on an episcopal cathedral might be an affront to his deism?

  6. yeah

    um. didn't gothamist post this yesterday?

  7. Yeah  

    But who wants to sift through all the Gothamist music crap that reminds the reader that Gothamist writers are way more hip(ster) than you'll ever be.

  8. i do  

    Gothamist DID post it.

  9. amazing  

    could it be there are people who read bwog and not gothamist and who may have not seen this otherwise?

  10. fact  

    Alex Weinberg is the president of Alex Weinberg

  11. ling  

    Hitler killed a panda. Move on.

  12. And  

    I was just pointing out that Gothamist is stupid. Pardon if my academic interests slipped in there.

  13. there  

    has been no reference yet to the simpsons. i'm disappointed

  14. Can I just say that  

    There are far too many people who post on this site that take themselves way too seriously. GET OVER YOURSELVES! This was a post about George Washington's statue being guillotined. Comment about that, not Jews killing Jews in France or whether the Gothamist is hipster or not, K. thanks

  15. Liberal jihadist  

    Fox 5 covered this? Have they linked it to the larger trends of lawlessness and America-hating at Columbia yet?

  16. maybe a smartass?  

    by george! how terrible!

  17. Good tthing

    no one touched his bush?

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