Havelicity: The Core Lecture

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In their last time formally together until graduation 2009, sophomores were treated yesterday to a lecture by Grandfather Havel, who has done and written many wonderful things, and composes beautiful sentences…but may not have been the best choice for a CC lecturer.

“I don’t like my English. I am not sure if it is understandable. Sometimes I hate it,” he began, in his low gravelly voice. For 20 minutes, he told of the struggle against the Communist regime in the former Czechoslovakia, occasionally launching into Czech, which was translated. Find comments on the speech here.

Bwog overheard some speculation before the speech:

Guy: I wonder if Havel has a Facebook…You could just poke him…

Some other guy: Wait–this lecture is going to be a musical right, like a rock-opera?

And a narrative cartoon by Blue and White artist in residence Rachel Lindsay:




  1. err  

    "Their last time formally together until graduation 2009"... except for the spring CC lecture.

  2. justine  

    havel was unbelievably disappointing.


    rachel is unbelievably awesome.

  3. jds  

    any way to get a better resolution copy of that drawing? its pretty hard to read

  4. Shira  

    Yeah Rachel!

    I agree with George's comment on the website - very glad I got to see Havel speak, not so glad it was at the coursewide lecture. The questions tended toward the pretentious and irritating side at times ("President Havel, I have a six-part question..."), and I can see where someone who had enjoyed the lecture might not want to sit through them. I guess I can't help but ultimately have positive feelings about the lecture, though, if only because Havel is an important 20th century figure and insightful and brilliant to boot.

  5. kazzy

    rock opera...? you might want to look up havel's history with the plastic people of the universe and lou reed/the velvet underground...

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