Overheard: Lazy Saturday Edition

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There’s nothing like a lazy weekend afternoon to get Columbia students talking about video games…
Ruggles, Friday afternoon:

Girl: What are you playing?

Guy: Diablo II expansion pack: Lord of Destruction.

Girl: What’s that floating around you?

Guy: Bone shield. [pause] There’s really no way to sound cool when you’re playing this game.

Thanks, Ashley Nin, for the tip!

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  1. time warp  

    "There's nothing like a lazy Saturday afternoon to get Columbia students talking about video games...
    Ruggles, Friday afternoon:"

    So Saturday or Friday?

  2. did someone say

    Lazy Sunday???
    Lazy sunday wake up in the late afternoon
    Call PrezBo just to see how he's doin
    Whassup Lee?
    Yo Galil, what's crackin?
    You thinking what i'm thinkin?
    Man it's happenin!

  3. Werd.  

    He must have been playing Necromancer.

  4. why  

    why is the bwog news feed not working.

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