Get Wasted While Watching CU Get Crushed

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bball CCSC Prez Seth Flaxman writes in to let us know there will be free edibles at the Columbia v. Duke basketball game viewing party tonight in the Lerner auditorium at 8 pm. There will also be free t-shirts and maybe some school spirit on hand.

And if you have 2 IDs, there will be alcohol, so you and ROAR-EE can drown your sorrows after what promises to be a crushing defeat.

Outcome Update, 11:45 PM:

Half an hour prior to tipoff, Roone Arledge Auditorium’s lower level was packed with students anxiously beholding the giant screen, on which was projeted an inert image of a Lion and a Blue Devil clashing.  A lengthy queue extended from the tables stocked with free food out onto the ramps, filled with students fixing for any one of the delicious, tailgate-style food options available.  The back of the auditorium was reserved for a beer garden.  The sign said “two I.D.’s to drink,” but you really only needed one, or zero.  Nobody cared.

Columbia captured the first lead of the game, 3-0, after a particularly fine shot.  The audience erupted in rapturous and sustained cheering, especially after the Lions held their own for the opening five minutes – at the first time-out, the score was 11-10, Duke.  But Columbia quickly collapsed: the trifectas stopped falling, the offense failed at inside play when kicked in the balls by its ridiculous height disadvantage, and the defense found itself overmatched against Duke’s well-balanced attack (for the same reason).  The Blue Devils took a 46-24 lead into halftime, and for the rest of the game, Columbia’s score hovered around half of Duke’s.  The beer garden closed, the crowd of remaining fans dwindled, and the Lions limped to a 86-43 defeat.  


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  1. so...  

    are we winning???

  2. nope  

    and these turnovers are erratic. and why'd CU just sub the entire court?

  3. Dave Barnes

    2 IDs.
    So sad.
    Let's bring back the days when the drinking age in NY was 18.

  4. DHI  

    Cool, exactly double

  5. this was  

    well done, despite the inevitable loss. commendations to the student councils et al. but next time, could we get free COLUMBIA tshirts instead of generic "go college" ones?

  6. Agreed  

    You got it post #5. I would like to see Columbia do something like other colleges do where big games get their own t-shirts and whatnot. Those shirts were so generic is was frightening--or would making shirts like that smell a bit too much like school pride for some people?

    • those shirts  

      those shirts were donated by espnu, columbia didn't have them made or anything. they gave you free food and beer, why isn't that enough? you want to fund making shirts for everyone too?

  7. joe jones

    loves duke basketball

    "The Duke players play every possession so you know they're not going to have a night off when they're not ready to play," Columbia coach Joe Jones said. "Their size overwhelmed us. They played very well together. They played as a team. They made plays for each other. And I thought as the game went on, we just couldn't handle the speed, the intensity, their athletic ability, their size -- it all just did us in."

  8. X.J.  

    I've been up all night next to this bucket thanks to those "delicious, tailgate-style food options." Columbia Catering, there's a special place in hell for you.

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