Week in Review

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A relatively calm week in Morningside, as midterms faded from memory and New York no-contest elections provided little to get Bwog’s knickers in a knot. Even so, news happened! Here are the highlights.

low steps– CNN will bring you election polls, but Bwog will bring you election food, election fights, and how to do your civic duty.

– Better watch your back: there’s an axe murderer abroad, and he doesn’t hide the traces.

– Getting out of town, but not to midtown–perchance to the Eastern Bloc?

– A cracked out interview, a crackup stunt, and the  crackinest campus band you ever did see.

– A rockstar bureacrat, and a bureaucratic move that we can’t quite figure out.

Bwog on sex: a dangerous proposition.


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