QuickSpec- Overachievement Edition

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  1. varun  

    the first two link to the same article.

  2. there's  

    nothing wrong with testing 4-year-olds. It's not like they're being placed in a worse class if they fail the exam, they're just not admitted into a class for the gifted. The parents just don't want to live with the fact that they're raising a normal child and not some savant.

  3. no parody of  

    Miriam Datsuckscocksky today?

  4. Do you really

    think those tests do a good job of finding the "gifted" four-year-olds? Some measure has to be used because there are fewer spots than applicants, but I'm sure anything purporting to separate out kids of that age is hugely flawed.

    • whether or not  

      those tests are 100% accurate is another issue. If you're coming out with a new exam, there's always going to be a "first" group of people who take it, no matter how you go about it. The test will stabilize with time and multiple administrations. There's no other way about it.

  5. yeah

    She sort of has - two years ago. But it was about losing her virginity, which I guess isn't EXACTLY the same thing...

  6. i really  

    don't want to turn this into a miriam-bashing, but style and topic aside: the name of a department was wrong (seriously, how hard is that to catch?) and the article referenced services the department doesn't offer (support groups?). plus, even though judith steinhart was pretty well-liked by (or at least well-known to) a lot o students, she doesn't work there anymore. why not interview someone who does?

  7. CML  

    Hmm...I would generally reflexively object to something like testing four-year-olds for gifted admissions, but many of my friends from elementary/secondary education and I benefitted immensely from a similar policy-I think one's performance on an aptitude test at a young age tells us much more than we'd like to believe.

  8. ON Miriam  

    OK. Either Miriam is a sexually experienced college womyn and whose views on virginity have zero credibility as far as I'm concerned, or she's speaking from personal experience on the topic, in which case the rest of her columns have no credibility.

    So what's it gonna be?

  9. re: doesn't offer  

    Health Services does offer support groups, dude.

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