1. Elna

    "The media capitalizes on tragedy because the pubic is affected by it. As early as 322 B.C., Aristotle claimed in his work On Poetics that tragedy was the highest of all poetic forms owing to its ability to inspire an audience to feel fear and pity."

    Can you spot the poor copy-editing job? Go Spec!

  2. great  

    while i don't agree with Ms. Batzell by any means, it's refreshing to hear "liberalism" referred to in its proper, classical sense. america is the only country where "liberal" means social democratic, and i appreciate her making this important distinction. i'm a (classical) liberal myself, in favor of free markets/civil liberties, and i hate having to describe myself as a "libertarian" because that sounds a lot more extreme.

  3. hilarious  

    barnard headline.

  4. Idiot  

    Rudi Batzell is a guy. Mr. Batzell.

  5. Editorial:  

    We opened the chest! Inside was...
    We found a precious SOCIALISM inside.

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