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You knew something was missing in your life… oh, yeah. The social part. Well, the Bwog is here to cure what ails ya. If you want one of these theater kids to give you a sneak preview, email [email protected] and let us know. If it’s a match, we’ll spring $5 for a date. (Generous!) And if you or anyone you know would like to be a personal (ahem, broadcast your awesome personality on the Bwog), let us know. We’re forever accepting nominations.

 Girl for Patrick Dempsey
 Guy for Justice. I mean, women.  Justice and women.


Name: Carly

School: CC

: ’07


Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Top three songs according to ITunes� play count:

Birdhouse in Your Soul- They Might Be Giants; Shake, Shake

Senora- Harry Belafonte; Changes- David Bowie (Also, selections

from Urinetown. Which we’re doing here at Columbia.)

You�re trapped on a desert island with three foods�what are they?

Italian ice, baklava and a loaded gun (one bullet).

Describe your favorite pair of underwear.

Blue. (Totally and completely unrelated: Come see Urinetown.)

It�s 2 o�clock on a Sunday afternoon. Where can you be found?

Rehearsal. For Urinetown. Come see it. That can be found in the Party Space.

Nightmare date in three words or less:

Oh, hi, Tao.

So, what are you doing after college?

Well, I don’t know about after college, but I know what I’ll be doing this Thursday at 10, Friday at 3 and Saturday at midnight.

When I first came to Columbia, I thought�.

Daylight savings time was something they made up in the movie “Hocus Pocus.”

TCBY or Tasti-D-Lite?

TCBY– I mean, white chocolate fat-free yogurt that tastes like a dream and doesn’t give you cancer? Come. On.

Flight, invisibility, or X-Ray vision?

Flight. Doy.

Unusual talents?

A do a really good monkey impression. Like, good enough to be proud of that sort of thing.

MySpace or Facebook?


I choose you, Carly!


Name: Pitr




Oak Park, IL

Top three songs according to ITunes’ play count:

Jonathan Coulton – Code Monkey

Los Super Elegantes – Je Suis Bien

Fettes Brot – Emanuela

You’re trapped on a desert island with three foods� what are they?

Steak, medium rare.  Guacamole, spicy.  Fritos, grilled.

Describe your favorite pair of underwear.

The hilarious red bikini briefs I could never bring myself to wear but which always make me laugh when I see them.

It’s 2 o’clock on a Sunday afternoon. Where can you be found?

Leaving King’s Crown Shakespeare Troupe rehearsal and on my way to Urinetown rehearsal.

Nightmare date in three words or less:

“You’re so random!”

So, what are you doing after college?

A year off to practice being a Human Being, then grad school for directing.

When I first came to Columbia, I thought�.

“Yeah, this looks like as good a place as any to direct Urinetown the musical.  I sure can’t wait until November 16-18 of 2007!”  Oh, also I guess I thought, “GodDAMN there are a lot of pillars up ins.”

TCBY or Tasti D-Lite?

Um, gross or grosser?

Flight, invisibility, or X-Ray vision?

Ugh, no one should ever ask this question to someone who was raised on superheroes.  I mean, the thought of turning down X-ray vision or invisibilty is agonizing, but it’s gotta be flight.  I wouldn’t be afraid of heights anymore, and it would make shooting aerial shots in my movies way easier.

Unusual talents?

Well, I have complete control over the width of my tongue.  I can translate pretty much any American pop song into French pretty much on the spot.  Oh, and I cook a mean chipotle chicken fajita.

MySpace or Facebook?

MySpace is a cancer on our modern generation.  Facebook is just sort of our generation’s stomach flu.

Yoo-hoo, Pitr!



  1. well  

    product placement comes, if self-consciously, to bwog?

  2. haha!  

    That is possibly the best answer ever given to a worst-date scenario question. Bravo Carly!

  3. hah  

    I like the picture placement.

    shouldn't it be: "Guy for Patrick Dempsey"?

  4. Anonymous

    I love Carly. That's definitely the best nightmare date answer that anyone could ever come up with.

  5. oat  

    HAHAHAHAHA! I'm glad everyone else found it funny too!

    Nightmare date in three words or less:
    Oh, hi, Tao.

  6. Chas Carey  

    PITR I CHOOSE YOU (for justice, not for women, sorry)

  7. nbk  

    it looks like carly's picture is making pitr's picture very sad. this is probably because she's eating that glass.

  8. you don't realize  

    how much of an ass tao has been...

    • from the comments  

      on bwog it seems like he's annoyed a bunch of his people..though the few posts i've seen by him (assuming there were him) seem long winded, pretentious but logical

      is he a mean drunk or something?

  9. no,  

    he's not drunk. he's just extreeemely arrogant and self-important. an all-round douche.

  10. Siiigh  

    I've always had a huuuge crush on Carly. If only she weren't married to her career...

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