1. first two  

    first two headlines link to the same story...

  2. I'm Jealous

    of SGB. I'm part of an ABC group. I hate it. The system is so screwed up that you're left with the choice of diving arm deep into either keeping you club afloat or trying to get involved with the administration. But administrating is so complicated that its amazing that student leaders have time for make changes what with the hassle involved in just maintaining the status quo.

  3. annoyed actor  

    Okay, Bwog, we get it. You support Urinetown. Now how about plugging some of the other student theater going up this weekend?

  4. okay  


    also, URINETOWN! which is sold out pretty much every day except friday at 3, so email to reserve now!!!

    also, LATENITE!

  5. latenite fan  

    yeah yeah. see LateNite. see it twice. see it drunk. see it with a lover.

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