Shoe repair and health tips from the Ukrainian down the street

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Cold season is fast approaching and Bwog doesn’t want you catching one. For advice on how to stay healthy this winter, correspondent Kate Linthicum sought out Roman, the cryptic, clever shoe repairman who works at Paul’s Shoe Repair on 111th and Broadway. The 55-year-old with a shy smile but a hearty, rumbling laugh says he learned the tricks in his native Ukraine. He freely gives counsel to shoppers at the store, his words masked by an accent as thick as his shoe-polish stained fingers. “You follow this advice you’re going to feel much better,” he promises. “Your stress is going to melt away.” 

shoeOn pain in the body:

First, pray to God and ask him for strength. Then sit in a chair and relax all of your muscles. You have to think about your right hand and nothing else for ten minutes. Keep your mind concentrating on that hand, and then you’ll be cured.  

On eye irritation:

Spit ten times out your mouth and whatever is bothering your eye will come out. Sometimes, if it’s bad, you must spit eleven times. 

On anxiety:

Imagine your right hand is really warm, you’ll feel completely relaxed.  

On headaches:

Headaches happen when you eat something with toxins. Nighttime it’s no good to eat canned food because there are too many chemicals. Go natural, like we do in Ukraine.

On stress:

Take it easy and don’t be rushed. Life is dangerous, a lot of people get hit by cars.  


Some people take your energy away. Don’t let them do that.

P.S. Ladies, he says he’s looking for a second wife . .  . 

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  1. You know,  

    you just don't run into many people like that these days.

  2. dharma bum

    This guy's actually on to something. For Nos. 1 and 3 he's giving the basic instruction for Buddhist mindfulness meditation. It's a pretty effective way to deal with stress.

  3. daniella  

    "He freely gives counsel to shoppers at the store, his words masked by an accent as thick as his shoe-polish stained fingers."

    Excuse me??

  4. Kesjay  

    Excuse what? I liked this entry.

  5. rp  

    hes kinda like borat.

  6. but but but  

    If I concentrate on nothing but one hand, I think about the blood pooling in it and giving me varicose veins or whatever and that makes MORE ANXIETY.

  7. Some  

    people also try to take away your salo and vodochka. You gotta kill those mofos.

  8. dontrella  

    "learned the tricks in his native Ukraine" can't you say thank you?

  9. danyella  

    ""You follow this advice you're going to feel much better," he promises. "Your stress is going to melt away.""

    Pardon me?? I'm sorry?? Excuse you!

  10. starting to grow

    bwog was good last semester.

    what happened?

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