Ivy League Football in the Proverbial Dumps

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Bill Pennington, author of an article in today’s Times, meditates on what many-an-Ivy Leaguer has meditated: just what is the purpose of pursuing a successful football program at a school known for its academic caliber?  Are the two ends of academic excellence and athletic triumph mutually exclusive?

(Perhaps: he notes that Duke, Northwestern, and Stanford, top schools with strong football programs, all have pretty shitty records)

The Columbia squad might be proud.

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  1. cml  

    Interesting; I liked nearly all of it, but the point about Duke/Northwestern/Stanford didn't seem to be valid -- the latter two have been much better in recent years (owing to more unscrupulous recruitment of athletes and the ability to give out scholarships, I think), while Duke is much more focused on basketball. What about Boston College and Notre Dame? They're selective and prestigious (though probably not as much), compete for students at a national level, and are historically football powerhouses. It's not the prestige that kicks the Ivies in the balls.

  2. moreover man  

    some other interesting items relating to ivy football:

    1. cornell has its very own parade down fifth avenue after facing columbia-

    2. some guy is actually making a documentary on ivy football:

  3. the Man  

    The problem with Ivy League football is that we all suck. OK, Duke and Stanford are winless in the ACC and PAC-10, their respective conferences. Northwestern sucks in the Big Ten. But they are losing to teams like USC, Michigan, Ohio State, and Florida. We lose to Daartmouth...

    I don't think its a fair comparison. If those teams were in a weaker conference, they'd be rather good.

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